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Its getting late for the Berojgari Bhatta in Bihar – online Registration

Berojgari Bhatta online Registration Bihar government has already announced publicly that almost 18 lakh students will be given Berojgari Bhatta from 2nd october. Since its now August, so all the unemployed and students within age limit of 20 to 25 years old are waiting eagerly for the scheme to be launched. Earlier it is already…

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Residential Certificate is necessary for Berojgari Bhatta

Awasiya Praman Patra hona jaruri hai berojgari bhatta ke liye Residential Certificate is now necessary for Berojgari Bhatta ” “Unempoyment Pension” Just a news is coming from the center that the Candidate must have Residential Certificate to get the Berojgari Bhatta. Bihar Government is working hard and fast to give the Berojgari Bhatta from 2nd…

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Employment Exchange Registration – online Easy Process – Fill form now

Registration for Employment Exchange Bihar – नियोजनालय में निबंधन नियोजनालय  में  निबंधन  अब हुआ आसान  –  अभी अपनी  जानकारी  जमा करे और घर  बैठे  निबंधन  संख्या  और रसीद  पाये …….    निबंधन  शुल्क – १००/- बायोडाटा फॉर्मेट पहले डाउनलोड करके भर ले और पेमेंट के बाद इसको अपलोड कर दे फोटो और सिग्नेचर साथ…

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